We believe that the first thing to do when it comes to delivery of solution to a community is to actually find out the real challenges then you can know how to better address the challenge and provide sustainable solution to it.  The youth in focus today constitute a greater population of any nation and invariably are the inheritors of the society. In Nigeria, youths who make up about 65% hold a great trust for the future.

Unless we come up with a very pragmatic strategy for the development of our youth, there is a very high propensity that we will bequeath the future of our great country to a generation that is totally ill equipped to function like a civilized society.

we intend to address the above mentioned problems with the solutions stated below:

The Seminar

The Seminar

We are going to organize seminar where we will now create awareness and sensitization against the above stated challenges and how we can addree the issues to secure a great future for the youths in the barracks.