The seminar is the first step in the youth sensitization and empowerment process.

This will last for a day in each of the designated centers and will attract keynote speakers that have amassed years of experience in dealing with situations such as this.

We have also taken the liberty to invite ex-cultists who have long renounced their memberships and have now dedicated a substantial part of their life to conducting enlightenment campaigns on the futility of cult membership.

We also intend to reach out to get representatives from relevant religious and security agencies to be a part of this seminar.


We have carefully selected speakers that will make presentations at the seminar. The list includes:

  • The GOC 81 Division of the Nigerian Army (Chief host)
  • The Brigade Commander, 9 Mechanised Brigade (host)
  • The OC, anti-cultism, Nigeria Police
  • Provost, Military Police
  • OC, Military Intelligence

The profiles of the keynote speakers are as follows;

Professor J. C Akwunobi, the author of the book, The Truth Punishes Those Who Hide It, is one of the most sought after speakers in Africa in the area of Peace and conflict resolution. With an impressive speaking resume (the first Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies) that traverses cases of mediation, negotiation, early warning, shadow deciet and peace manipulation, the renowned scholar has used his result-oriented approach in ensuring the implementation of veritable solutions.

Amongst his many works in the area of peace and conflict resolution, Professor Akwunobi’s rendition for the Imo state University jounal of curriculum stdies titled “Formal Peace Education For Conflict Prevention For Secondary School Students” positions him favourably to reach out to youths in the age bracket that have fallen prey to the malevolence of cultism. He has also lectured senior military officers at the command and staff college for more than two decades.

Chilos A. C Godsent has dedicated the rest of his life to playing the role of recsuing misguided youths from the evil claws of cultism. Having being misled and initiated into the murky waters of cultism as a young undergraduate, Chilos has an excellent ‘insider’ experience on the clear and present dangers associated with cult memberships.

He has travelled around the country delivering anti-cultism awareness seminars and has secured an impressive renouncement record. 

Chilos was very active in the Amnesty programme that helped in removing repentant militants from the creeks of the Niger delta and providing reorientation and reintegration training them helped them get back into the society and avoid recidivism.



At the end of the seminar, the participants will be able to;

  • Know the origin/history of youth cultism in Nigeria
  • Understand the reason for the establishment of these cults
  • Know the precise point in time when these objectives were derailed
  • Have a good knowledge of the dangers associated with cultism and other vices
  • know how to break free from the clutches of cultism and other youth related vices.
  • know the signs of cult advances


There are goals we have set to achieve through this seminar. At the end of this seminar, the following outcomes are expected;

  • a significant reduction in cult membership/activities
  • renunciation of cult membership
  • reduction in cult related violence
  • ample knowledge about the dangers of youth vices
  • a new mindset among youths


The primary aims and objectives of this seminar will be defeated if attendance is poor. We have therefore designed a strategy that will ensure maximum attendance.

We will launch a massive and well-coordinated publicity campaign that will ensure that a substantial number of the target audience attends the seminar.