Afro Entrepreneurs

The creation of was inspired by the idea of constructing a central platform where owners of Pan African services could list their businesses.

A a result, this would make it far easier for people to locate black owned businesses anywhere in the world as they would gradually become more familiar to the existence of the site as a reliable search engine for that purpose.
But upon further analysis and contact with individuals from the Pan African business community, it became apparent that they are up against multi-faceted challenges and these include

  1. Under representation of black achievement.
  2. Lack of awareness of black owned services.
  3. Paucity of engagement between Pan African service providers.
  4. Black services not being supported by their community.
  5. Scarcity of valuable and relevant advice from successful entrepreneurs of colour.

It quickly became apparent to me that I needed to widen the scope of content on the platform in response to the feedback.

So today the site content includes:

  • Advertise For Free Function
  • ‘How To’ Articles
  • Ambassadors and Excellence In Entrepreneurship Articles
  • Team Building Resources
  • Free To Download Content
  • Interviews With Brand Authorities
  • Publications From Brand Experts and Innovators
  • Hacks
  • Action Forums
  • Recommended and Curated Products

At it’s core, endeavours to inspire, motivate, educate, support and ultimately help Pan African businesses grow by providing relevant and valuable content to this end.