The Peace Advocacy and Youth Empowerment in the Barracks (PAYEB) emerged essentially out of the need to provide pragmatic and sustainable solutions for the myriad of problems plaguing youth in the barracks. Even the most cursory examination of the youth of today reveals their involvement in many societal vices that had hitherto been alien to them.

PAYEB is the brainchild of two organisations. The Initiative for Sustainable Peace and Entrepreneurship Development (ISPED) and Achieving Greatness. Within the short period of our existence, we have made significant impact in areas such as grooming, mentorship and empowerment of misguided youth in the military barracks.

We have made giant strides in ensuring that youth in the barracks are steered onto the path that will make them useful members to the larger society. Years of Research and Development positions us favourably to tackle the myriad of challenges that confront the youth of today.

The hallmark of our organisation is firmly rooted in the strong passion for what we have set out to achieve.


Our core values are hinged on;

  • Respect for all people, belief and culture
  • High standard of ethical conduct
  • Excellent innovative professionalism
  • Commitment to a safe environment for staff, trainees and the environment
  • Ensuring that we deliver our projects in a timely and cost effective manner


To tap individual potentials of youth in the Barracks and help develop the requisite skills and attitudes needed to succeed and help them progress into the larger society.


We understand the importance of the human resource content of every organisation. To this end, we spare no expenses in ensuring that we have a rigorous mechanism to get the right people, expose them to the best trainings relevant to their various job descriptions and also provide them with the requisite tools that will enable them perform their tasks with the utmost professionalism.


Our approach represents an innovative departure from traditional methodologies. We have resorted to the very subtle means of reaching out to these misguided youth. Some of the mentors selected to participate in this seminar will be successful individuals who had also lived in the cantonment.

We also have follow-up mechanisms which include skill acquisition and mentorship programmes to ensure that the objectives of the seminar are maximally sustained.